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 Letter for W3C compliant browsers (by Laurent Pelecq)

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Madam, Sir,

I have tested your website (URL) with various standard-compliant browsers, including Mozilla/Firefox and any other W3C compliant browser affected. And in the current state of things, your website does not work well (or at all) with those browsers.

Problem is the following: problem description

how to fix it (you can add the Bugzilla reference if available [1])

You probably know Mozilla [2] is based on the Gecko rendering engine, which is used by numerous browsers, such as Galeon, and that Safari [3], the new browser from Apple, is based on the rendering engine of Konqueror [4]. You probably have also read in the press that Microsoft should no longer release upgrades to Internet Explorer. The ones who don't want, or can't, upgrade their Microsoft Windows system will more and more look for alternatives.

By supporting standard-compliant browsers, you allow anyone to access your website. Notably, you allow access to sight-impaired [5]. You'll find links and resources on inter-operability workgroup pages [6], AFUL [7] and OpenWeb website [8].

I would be please to assist you and provide any additional information you may need.

Best regards.


[1] Bugzilla #??????

[2] Mozilla

[3] Safari, Mac OS X web browser

[4] Konqueror

[5] Web accessibility for handicapped people

[6] Groupe de travail sur l'interopérabilité de l'AFUL

[7] L'Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Linux et des Logiciels Libres

[8] Le groupe OpenWeb, première ressource francophone sur les standards web

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