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Madam, Sir,

I tried to access your site (URL) with various standard-compliant browsers, including Mozilla/Firefox and any other W3C compliant web browser affected, but I always get booted and redirected to a page stating my configuration doesn't fit the minimun requirements (URL of the page you're redirected to).

Despite what you may think, not everyone has or can use Internet Explorer. It simply does not exist on some platforms and due to major security issues (see http://www.guninski.com/browsers.html and http://die.leox.com/ie_unpatched/index.html), it's not a browser of choice for many people.

That automatic redirection was as surprising as your site does not actually need those minimun requirments. Thanks to some hacks and tricks, I've been able to bypass the detection scripts and finally access any part of your site flawlessly.

This proves Internet Explorer is not compulsory to browse your website.

You should remove your detection scripts and let people access the content of your site. This will help you to widen your audience and I think it's what you're looking for by setting up a website.

Best regards.


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