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 Letter for Gecko-based browsers

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Madam, Sir,

I have tested your website (URL) with various standard-compliant browsers, including Mozilla/Firefox and any other W3C compliant browser affected. And in the current state of things, your website does not work well (or at all) with those browsers.

Problem is the following: problem description

how to fix it (optional)

By fixing this problem you allow your visitors to enjoy the content and services you offer.

You probably know that Microsoft will not release any other version of Internet Explorer for Windows as a standalone application, but as part of each new release of Windows, which mean IE's next version is due on 2006 along with Windows "Vista". Until then, IE won't benefit from any technical improvement and is naturally going to loose marketshare to actively developed and more standard-compliant browsers such as Mozilla, Opera and Safari.

By supporting Mozilla Gecko (the most W3C standard-compliant rendering engine to date), you also allow other browsers respectful of standards (Firefox, Camino, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror, Opera, Safari...) to use your website, and therefore widen your audience. A XitiMonitor inquire shows that today almost 15% of net surfers are using Mozilla/Firefox everywhere in Europe (http://www.xitimonitor.com/etudes/equipement7.asp).

I would like to hear from you regarding when you plan modifying your website to make it compatible.

Best regards.


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