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Madam, Sir,

I contact you because I can't use your service service name with my current web browser (your browser). I noticed you recommend to use Internet Explorer but I don't want to, because
[choose between] I'm running the Linux operating system and Internet Explorer doesn't work on this platform.
[or] you're maybe aware the numerous security holes of this browser (see http://www.guninski.com/browsers.html and http://die.leox.com/ie_unpatched/index.html ) are not suited for the financial operations I plan to do on your site.

I would like to know when you will support customers using modern and W3C standard-compliant browsers, such as Netscape 7, Mozilla, Galeon and many others. If it's not envisaged in a near future, or if you don't respond, please note that I will move to a bank that will best fit the need of its customers.

Best regards.


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