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Added on: 2004-12-26
Affected browsers: Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: Unix/Linux, Mac
Severity: Low
Mails sent to webmaster: 2004-12-08
No mail received from webmaster.

Message d'avertissement pour tout navigateur autre qu'IE

Si on se connecte au site avec autre chose qu'Internet Explorer, on est confronté, après l'animation flash, au message suivant:

"Our site has been developed and optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ under Windows. Unfortunately, it does not seem to run on your computer.
Feel free to contact us by email or phone and we'll gladly send you an information package by the traditional postal way.

Note to Linux- and related activists : We know that trough the fact that our site only works correctly under Microsoft software, some 10% of the internet community will not be able to enjoy full surfing pleasure. Nevertheless, we DO NOT force anyone to do so, thus not forcing anyone to install Microsoft software. Nevertheless, if this seems unbearable to you, we will of course send you our files and scripts in order to allow you to set up a version of our site running under linux/netscape/opera/etc.
by the way : we do not run Microsoft Server Software


En leur défénse, la présence du bouton "Click here to enter anyway" est un point positif, d'autant plus qu'à partir de là, le site s'affiche tout à fait normalement.