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Website fixed - not in blacklist

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Added on: 2003-10-01 ; updated on: 2009-05-02
Affected browsers: Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: Unix/Linux, Mac
Severity: High
Contact: [hidden]
No mail sent to webmaster.

Perfect example of dumbness

"To view the site, please, use Internet Explorer 6.x or Netscape 6.x or higher!"

Translation: "We code like porks, so you need a browser named "MS Internet Explorer 6" or "Netscape 6". Anything else, even based on the two latters will fail to access this site."

*** Update on 2003-10-28 ***

The detection script now allows Mozilla to access the site. Still helpless for other browsers..

*** Update on 2009-05-02 ***

Website fixed.