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Website fixed - not in blacklist

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Added on: 2003-06-16 ; updated on: 2009-05-02
Affected browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac
Severity: High
Contact: [hidden]
No mail sent to webmaster.

Web designers

The only thing I would like to know:

Is this a JOKE ?! Simply laughable...

If you are curious, here's some quotes from the site:

"Professional Internet Services [..] POWERFUL CONSTRUCTION"

"The FWS-site is best seen with:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.* or higher.
- Screen resolution 1024 x 768
- Sound on
- Flash plugin installed
- Windows Media Player enabled
- Personal Computer (PC)
- MS Windows Platform"

"No mac-shit sorry, not for mac or any other formerly fashionable platforms...."

etc, etc.

*** Update on 2009-05-02 ***

Website fixed.