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Added on: 2003-05-23 ; updated on: 2009-05-02
Affected browsers: Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: Unix/Linux
Severity: High
Contact: -
No mail sent to webmaster.

IE only, doesn't support Java 1.4.1, breaking the most fundamental usability standards.

The site redirects users who use browsers other than IE, to a page where they are told to download IE 5.5, the link given gets redirected to which states that "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Service Pack 1, is no longer available for download".

To make things worse: if one does have a Microsoft Windows PC with "Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 1" and the Java runtime environment SE 1.4.1_01, it doesn't recognize the Java runtime...

Of course the site has frames, non standard link representation, and the constant redirecting breaks the "Back" button.

*** Update on 2009-05-02 ***

Website no longer exists.