1. What can I do to help?
You can contact webmasters of problematical websites and inform them about the troubles you encounter. There is some standard pre-written letters.

2. What are red crosses near website title?
This is severity of problem:
  1 = low: render is bad
  2 = medium: part of website not accessible
  3 = high: entire website not accessible

3. I found an interesting website in the list, is it possible to keep me informed when some changes are made on this website?
You can enter your mail on detail page for each website you want to be informed about.

4. I've seen some days ago a website in blacklist, and today I can't find it again! Where is it?
Website was probably fixed so it is in "whitelist". Click on appropriate link on homepage to see fixed websites.
If website is nowhere, please mail webmaster.

5. I created alerts for 150 websites, I want to remove all, how can I do?
You can remove them one by one. To remove all, send mail to webmaster with your mail in body, it will be removed ASAP.

6. I know a website which has invalid code, but display is ok with all browsers/OS, can I submit it?
No, we're blacklisting websites with problems (render/access) with some browsers/OS.

7. Website I submitted is rejected, why?
Many possible reasons:
- we could not reproduce the bug/annoyance. Thus we can't certify there's really a problem with the website.
- the website is badly designed, hard to navigate but the reason isn't due to a will to prevent people from accessing it with a define browser or OS but only because of misconception (e.g. anyone suffers the same problems). Such a website would rather find its place in a "crappy websites" list.
- we do not list "Flash-only" websites for the only reason it's all made of Flash and requires a specific plug-in. If the website relies on Flash for presentation/decoration purpose only and blocks visitors because of this, then we'll list the website and contact its webmaster.
- it's not a government or company's website. We do not list personal websites here.
Anyway you'll receive a mail with reject reason.

8. I submitted website some days ago. It isn't in the list and I have no news, what's happening?
We need some time to test website with all OS and browsers. Moreover, webmaster is contacted, and we're waiting for his answer before adding website.

Following steps must be done before displaying website in blacklist:Since your website will be accepted or rejected, you'll receive a mail.