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Added on: 2006-05-24
Affected browsers: Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: Unix/Linux, Mac
Severity: Medium
Mails sent to webmaster: 2006-02-06
No mail received from webmaster.

Design Software requires Windows, IE 5+ or Netscape 4

This site offers online home design software, such as kitchen designer, and is unfrendly to anyone using Linux, Mac or alternative browsers, susch as Firefox. Only windows and IE and obsolete net scape browsers are supported.

Comment added on 2006-05-30
works fine on both firefox & opera

Linux Gentoo 2.6.15-gentoo-r1 #5 PREEMPT
Comment added on 2009-04-24, posted by Bonzodog
The original design software has since been replaced and now clicking the links redirects you to a 3rd party website which uses Java to do the job, and does not complain about the browser.