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Added on: 2002-10-20 ; updated on: 2009-09-16
Affected browsers: Google Chrome, Konqueror, Opera
Forbidden OS: None
Severity: High
Contact: [hidden]
No mail sent to webmaster.

Very restrictive detection script

*** Updated on 2003-07-01 ***

The detection script elvolved and now accepts Mozilla-based browsers on Unix platforms but still blocks Opera and Konqueror for wrong reasons:

According to the script, both cookies and javascript support were disabled.that was obviously not the case...

*** Updated on 2009-09-16 ***

Site fixed.

Comment added on 2005-10-14
Scottish Power's website was recently upgraded. Mozilla it appears is no longer supported. I emailed them to ask why and this is their response:

Before designing our new website we surveyed the browser platforms that customers used to access our site.

We found that 99.7% of customers used Microsoft's Internet Explorer and we took the decision to optimize our website based on this.

Due to testing limitations we cannot ensure that every browser configuration will work fully with our website.

Comment added on 2009-04-24, posted by Bonzodog
Site Fixed